Rosetta - art doll

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Let me introduce you to Rosetta, the art doll. A peaceful being who knows the best way to be happy is to go within and relax. She is a plant whisperer and has magical powers. 

Rosetta is one of a kind doll. I don't use any moulds. Making an art doll is a long process, starting from shaping the modelling clay, hardening it, sanding it, applying layers of paint and spraying it with a varnish for protection. 

Having a doll like her around you adds a personality to your home decor. At a time when we spend many hours indoors, it is important to surround yourself with beauty and meaning. 

Rosetta measures: 17 cm x 8.5 cm x 5 cm 

Material: modelling clay, acrylic paint, matt varnish

She is very light and sturdy but it's not a toy. It is a decorative object. 

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