Jokamin awarded the best product at the Glucksman Craft & Design Fair 2019!!!

Jokamin awarded the best product at the Glucksman Craft & Design Fair 2019!!!


This was my 4th fair at the Glucksman Art Gallery in Cork. I always look forward to it as the Glucksman is such a beautiful space to show and sell my work in.

Every year the Glucksman jury gives awards for several categories including the best product, the best newcomer and the best stand. And it’s funny because I totally forgot about it this year. So, you can imagine my complete surprise when I heard that I received an award for the best product in the fair! I’m not saying this to show off or brag but to say that sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them!

Of course, we must work on our dreams by setting goals etc. and sometimes it is challenging when such hard work is not recognized. However, I have learnt that it takes time and effort to gain momentum and get places, and all the while I am learning and gaining more experience. For example, my first application to the fair in the Glucksman was rejected! And looking back I totally understand why – because you need time to explore, expand and gain experience. You need to learn from mistakes, listen to your customers and also listen to yourself too!

 One of the designers from the fair asked me if I celebrated the award that evening. Actually, I didn’t but I felt very happy that my work was recognized. So never give up on your dreams and give yourself the space to be and explore. It’s all part of the process. 



Joanna Kaminska-Wujek

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