The question I don’t like to answer…

The question I don’t like to answer…

I love, when exhibiting my work, how people react to my art. Sometimes it’s laughter or sometimes it’s poignant when the work evokes memories – be they happy or sad. I have watched individuals gaze at my work and digest it in quietness for a while. When you observe people of all ages have some type of emotional reaction to it is special and priceless.

 When I decided to share my art with broader audience, a friend advised me that that not everyone will like it and that I should expect it as artists, of all types, cannot appeal to everyone. But if I can reach even a small portion it’s a success. That was a liberating concept to me as we cannot please everyone all the time – in life as well as in art!

Art is very subjective so I’m not comfortable when people enquire as to the thought behind a piece of work. Sometimes I can answer but that can impact upon the viewer’s idea of the piece. For example, my most recent work “Pulling the Right Strings” has evoked various interpretations such as:


“To me it’s about communication & connection with other people. Although they are necessary, it’s obvious that the figure in the first ground is overwhelmed and the bonds are suffocating her. She is not free. We are influenced by other people but cannot be ruled by them.”Barbara


“I see the older figure in the background as totally spent having given all their love to two offspring, who behave in very different ways…The parent is haggard, empty, has no creativity left, having passed on all their energies to the children.I love the butterfly symbolism...for me it's one of connectedness but it's also one of ‘ripple effect. If only we could reach out to others. More often, and enjoy the benefits of the butterfly's freedom to create & give joy to others & ourselves.” - Orla

And finally, this is what it means to me:

We are here on this planet for a limited time. We spend a lot of time worrying about our future and loved ones and this can block the energy of receiving. What I mean by receiving is all encompassing – not only material for example – but receiving ideas, feeling well, and embracing synchronicity. So if you connect to the Source/God/Universe – whatever works for you, you are in the state of flow and then wonderful things happen. Then, who knows, a butterfly might sit on you for a second…


 What do you think? Sometimes it is difficult to have your own interpretation after reading various opinions. This is why I like to leave the question unanswered and leave the viewer form their own interpretation. How does this painting speak to you? Maybe you will find something totally different and that is wonderful too!


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Joanna Kaminska-Wujek

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