Art supplies I love using

Art supplies I love using

When I started my first ‘Creative Rebels’ art class, I realized that I have some art-specific knowledge I can share with people.

 It took some time for me to figure out what art materials I like to use in my work, so for those of you who love doodling and sketching etc. here is a list of products that I love to work with (these are genuine recommendations, and I don’t get any financial reward for mentioning them!):


  • Caran d’Ache neocolor II Swiss made neopastels: these are my most beloved crayons. When I draw with them I feel like a child entering a sweet store. They are rich and smooth and provide you with an amazing freedom of expression. The bonus is that they are water soluble, which means with a dab of wet brush they turn into watercolor.



  • Koh-I-Noor Progresso aquarelle-coloured pencils: very rich in pigment, they give the feel of a regular crayon but, as above, when one adds water it changes into different dimension.



  • As some of you know, I use a lot of gouache. Gouache is a water-soluble paint often used by illustrators. I love gouache for its opacity and the ability of reusing it after drying. I use a set from Lukas Studio Tempera, a set from Reeves, or Talen’s gouache paint in jars.



Most of these supplies above can be bought separately. Try and get some to test before you invest too much. You will then know if they are for you or not. And never forget that paint is often around us in unusual places… try instant coffee mixed with a splash of water, tea essence, old cosmetics (such as nail polish, lipstick, eye shadows) that you don’t use anymore but don’t wish to throw out. Try and be curious – just like a child. Just grab some paper and make your mark – take some time to see how it feels to use different ways of leaving your imprint on paper. And most of all enjoy!


End of part one. 

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