Art of Patience

Art of Patience

I am Sagittarius and we are wonderful people ;) but our Achilles heel is a lack of patience …

 So, there is a high chance that when in traffic rather than waiting I will go off the road trying to find a detour. I might even get lost for a short while, but it does not really matter as long as I am moving! You see it’s movement that makes me happy.

 Maybe that’s why I prefer meditation in movement like Tai Chi. I can switch off my brain easily without thinking when can I start moving again. Painting and sculpting are brilliant like that as well. Once I free up a certain amount of time for the act of creating it puts me in the flow and it’s a wonderful feeling.

 For the past year I have a teacher who is showing me how to be patient. I have also discovered a love for plants. They teach me to trust in the process even when they lose their foliage. So, I’ve learnt to be patient, keep them and wait … and after a while they reward me. I find such pleasure in their rejuvenation.

 This is how everything works. Success does not happen straight away. It takes work, time and patience ;).

 This picture shows a fig stick that I got from my friend in the UK. It was in the post, as just a stick, for a week! I planted it and it is thriving. I look at it every day and it truly brings me joy. It is great to take pleasure in the small things while we wait for the big things to happen. 

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