Daily Mantras - what are yours?

Daily Mantras - what are yours?

I'm as excited as Orla to show you my first silk scarf "Daily Mantras" in my newest collection "In Search of Magic". It has rich orange colour with a mixture of black, blue, white & grey. The whole collection is bold, colourful and full of symbolism.

The world situation is a bit unsettled right now. I wanted to create a piece, which would remind people about the basic things in life: to love, laugh, relax, have fun, etc. but sometimes in the daily race we forget to breathe properly...

This collection is special to me, as I asked a customer of mine, Orla, to model for me. I was thrilled when she agreed to do it. A few days before the photoshoot Orla said: Oh, Joanna you don't want to know how old I am! I looked at her and smiled because I did not see her age but her beauty; age is just a number. Orla has beautiful grey hair; she is stylish and photogenic. There is magnetism in her and she is a great advocate for my art and scarves. I wanted to give a voice to women in the 'grey zone' who are often neglected, especially in the fashion world. I think we created something special together and I hope it will encourage women to accept themselves for who they are. 



Joanna Kaminska-Wujek

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