You will never do it!

You will never do it!


Through the years I have heard a version of that sentence too many times. It went like this: "You won't manage" - when I was about to start my first job, "she will never drive" - when I started driving after getting my driving licence, "you can not paint" - from a 'friend', "you will never get the black belt" - same person..., "your daughter's life will be limited because of the scoliosis" - from the doctors....

So I have a reason to celebrate a big time as I received my Shodan yesterday ( a black belt in aikido). It is hugely important to me not as a grade but as a symbol of perseverance and continuing what I love to do no matter what others say. This grade shows me how far I've come in aikido & life but should be a reminder to all of us never to listen to someone's limited mind. Life is to short for it. 

Joanna Kaminska-Wujek

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