How to collect art

How to collect art

The unbeatable energy of an original painting 

I think there is a little magic about hanging an original piece of art on the wall … it brings the picture closer to your being, you can feel the energy of the brush stroke, and imagine the smell of the paint. And the idea that this piece of art is the only one in the world makes it even more special.

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"Exercise in Gravity" part I

Paintings carry with them the energy of the artist who worked on the canvas; be it feelings of happiness, sadness, curiosity, thoughtfulness and much more – such art really is a window to the soul.

 What makes any piece of art even more special is the fact that the same painting often has a different meaning to different people. Only your interpretation is what really matters and often that feeling of connection will bond you to the art for many years.

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"Exercise in Gravity" part II

The main rule on starting your first collection

There are many ways to start a collection of original art and many recommendations on how you should do it but the main one I believe in is about connection: Go with your heart! ♥

 If you come across some artwork which makes your heart sing or reminds you of an important event in your life, and you cannot stop thinking about it – it is a sign that you should buy it! Do you remember the feeling of regret when something you liked was snatched in front of your eyes because you hesitated too long? So go with your instinct and trust yourself. Buying such a piece of art will no doubt bring you joy for many years.

 If you are not sure how to frame the artwork, ask the artist for advice or go to the local framer. I often get asked about how to frame a certain piece of art so if you would like advice don’t hesitate to ask. I am always happy to be of service and can give you a free Zoom consultation upon request.

How to arrange your art

You can group your collections by theme, by colours, or even by the shape of the frame. Paintings can be put on the floor too, leaning up against a wall, just make sure nobody walks into them! 

 Some people have entire walls covered with art, & others centre one piece as a focal point. Trust your own instinct, do what makes you happy – this is your space to express yourself. Occasionally I move my own collection around and just by moving something from one space to another can make you view the picture in a fresh light. It can bring a piece back to life again – the way the light falls on it, or the height at which the picture is hung. All these things will make you appreciate and reappreciate your own personal collection!

 And who knows, maybe one day your carefully curated collection will turn into a gold-mine – only if you can bear to part with it of course! 



Joanna Kaminska-Wujek

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