‘The Key to Freedom’: my new collection of silk scarves

‘The Key to Freedom’: my new collection of silk scarves

We all want to be free of something – free of pain, free of mortgage, free of doubt.
The idea for my new collection of scarves – which is based on four original paintings – came when I found myself wondering what makes us free. It was during the restrictions of lockdown that I realised it’s always possible to be free in your mind.

When we’re balanced, playful and connected to nature, we can be present in the moment and forget about our problems.

Produced in Italy in the softest crepe de chine, this new range tells the story of how we can wake from our sleep to find freedom within ourselves. Look carefully and you’ll see that a ‘key’ motif appears as a binding element across all of them.


The Collection: 

"Sleeping Beauty" 

blue silk scarf luxury designer silk scarf square scarf jokamin gift for her anniversary gift

The first design in the collection, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, in a rich cornflower blue, asks whether we can genuinely chase happiness if we are sleepwalking through life.



‘Balance’. Sometimes life feels like being that elephant on a ball. The figures at the bottom of the scarf are supporting each other. To find freedom, you can’t think only of yourself.     


luxury silk scarf Irish scarf designer designed in Ireland orange green silk scarf illustrated scarf   

‘Protector’. To have balance in life, to be free and happy, we need nature. Nature can survive without us; we cannot survive without it.



square silk scarf silk scarves Ireland jokamin illustrated scarf luxury designer scarf

‘Eden’. She has found the key within herself. Holding tight, she’s happy. Life throws challenges at us but if our minds are balanced and peaceful, we can deal with anything.


You can browse my full range of scarves here.



Joanna Kaminska-Wujek

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