how to make a salt dough angel tutorial by jokamin

How to make a salt dough angel tutorial

Salt dough angels are a great way to get creative.

The ingredients are cheap as it's only water, salt, flour & a tea spoon of oil. So if you are not happy with the result, you can restart easily without loosing a lot of money. They make beautiful wall decoration and are a great gift. 


  1. A cup of flour
  2. A cup of salt
  3. Half a glass of water
  4. Small knife
  5. Sharp stick
  6. Oil


Mix salt and flour and add water. Knead the dough. Smear the baking tray with the oil so the dough does not stick to it. When the dough is ready cut half of it & form a 10cm long roll (you will need it to form arms later). Put the dough on the tray.

 Squeeze it a bit to form the angel figure shape. Cut the lower part of the figure vertically in half to make legs (if you want to have them separated). To make feet, just press the end with your finger, and then tap it with a knife to create toes.

 I always stick on the arms later. You first roll two small pieces of dough, then dampen the sides of the angel with the water in the desired place, then attach the arms.

 If you want to attach, for example, any hair or item of clothes, just always remember to wet the angel's body before you stick on the next piece.

 Make a hole in the wings so you can hang it up when it's dry. To make a smooth surface, dip your finger into the water and level it. IMPORTANT: not too much water!

 Put your angel into the oven and bake until golden brown (for approx. 20'-30').

 Remove it from the oven when ready and leave it to cool down. When it is cold use acrylic paint to paint your angel & spray it with protective varnish at the end (if you have it).

 I find the painting of the angel is the most rewarding part of the process. This is when the magic happens! 

Joanna Kaminska-Wujek

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